Picture Of The Day #15

31 10 2010

Once You See It Brix Will be Shat


Caturday week 5

30 10 2010

The Social Network Review

30 10 2010

the story of the rise of the internets biggest social network and the story behind the man who created it Mark Zuckerberg ,helmed by David Fincher ( Se7en , Fight Club ) is it good , or just another spammy FarmVille friend ?

Overview :

The poster says it all its all about the people around the creator , old friends or ex business partners trying to get a piece of the pie , after mark cheated his way into being the youngest billionaire but is he the bad guy or just a very smart guy and he earned his success and fame .

The Good :

– its a drama no doubt about it and a very good one the plot is thick and heavy with multi-layered characters that you can easily connect with , the plot is eased out by the lovely pacing which never gets you bored or ever slows down its David Fincher afterall .

– David Fincher did an amazing job with the direction in this one , the cuts and transitioning is something of a perfection , it blends two different scenes almost without letting the viewer notice the transition , with the helped of blurred out sounds , also another nice touch from this amazing director was the subtle figurative shots and lines ( its raining / a dark cloud ) which tells you subliminally the situation at hand .

– Trent Reznor the lead singer from Nine Inch Nails did the soundtrack and he did an amazing job at it a piano notes played out on a industrial sound loop , sometimes the notes pop up near a climatic scene and it feels like its well placed and plot serving .

The Bad : 

– David Fincher style in direction is dark photography , and i dont think its suitable for this movie , i think a normal approach to photography will do its not as dark or disturbing as Fight Club or Se7en , sometimes its just an annoyance , with a cheesy cold breath effect those things kinda distracted me .

– the cast didnt make a strong impact , only with a couple of scenes showing true and strong emotions towards the end with justin timberlake being himself which was kind of annoying .

Overall :

its a fun to watch movie , its deep and well done with some flaws here and there and the cast came up inches short of the direction , but it didnt fail the overall enjoyment of the movie , if you ever wanted the story behind facebook this is the movie for you , its like a documentary only for a broader audience and with alot of fun .


Samuel L Jackson + Charlie Murphy = Awesomeness !

28 10 2010

a pulp ficiton recreation done with CHARLIEEE MURPHAAAAY and the boondocks kids

What Did The Five Fingers Say To The Face ?

The Powa Of The Geek Side !

27 10 2010

another blizzcon vid this an UBER NERD asks the developers of World Of Warcraft a question they couldnt answer , they developers reaction to this is really funny and cool .

Play Them Off Keyboard Cat ( Yes its still alive )

The Dark Knight Rises

27 10 2010

Christopher Nolan finally talked about it and now we know the name of the new Batman movie and more juicy info.

in a interview with Hero Complex Nolan revealed that the Batman 3 title will be The Dark Knight Rises, and in a move that may surprise some fans, he said that the film’s villain won’t be The Riddler.

its a shame cause the riddler is a perfect cast for a villain after the brilliant performance of the joker played by the late Heath Ledger , but it seems that nolan is looking for a female villain, is it Harley Quinn !?

She’s Only Creepy When She Talks

so far its the best bet and the best one to follow after The Jokers menacing rampage in The Dark Knight , Harley’s character is very similar of The Jokers but i hope its not more of the same .

Picture Of The Day #14

27 10 2010