Another Final Fantasy Bites The Dust

7 10 2010
AKA another way to milk the franchise

its a sad sad day for us FF fans , square enix just continues to destroy its mascot after the abomination that was FFXIII , now we are greeted it the lovely and amazing FFXIV the 14th entry to the long running franchise .

it began as a campaign to dethrone the dominant world of warcraft , the first entry Final fantasy XI was a decent game , but it didnt make the cut to defeat WOW but its the effort that counts , sadly the new one is just plain stupid , lazy and filled with grinding even square enix released a statement to reviewers telling them ” not to review Final Fantasy XIV ” its just sad and heart breaking to the fans of this series .

Square Enix have been circling the drain with their fans since the release of Final Fantasy 13 , will it continue to the ” fabula nova crystalis ” arc ?  hope not cause i really do have high hopes for versus XIII

Final Fantasy XIV get the lovely score of ” 4.9 ” on

here’s an example of the harsh reviews :

 warf rats are a mid-boss in this game /sarcasm 



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