Why Japanese Game Developers Suck ?

12 10 2010

yes i have finally said it ! they do suck since the rise of the current generation they are dwindling and heres why

lack of originality:  if its not broke dont fix it and in that process it falls behind in gameplay and  story , the feminine hero tries to save the world and have a breakdown moment or two ( he have to cry ! obviously hes that sexually secure ) , at the end everyone is happy and celebrate like ewoks

victims : star ocean : the last hope . Final Fantasy XIII

we party like its 2012 !!

Copying AAA games : trying so hard to ride on the success of AAA games like god of war . gears of war  and world of warcraft in that they lose all their personality in the process and just be a copy of something good .

viticims : castlevania : lord of shadows , Quantum Theory , Final Fantasy XIV

Pictured Above : Kratos Minus The Steriods Addiciton

Exporting their games : when bionic commando was exported from capcom to a european studio they scartched their heads and screwed a classic game a prime example that not all studios get what you want or get the origin of the games appeal ( with the exception of dead rising 2 ).

victims : Bionic Commando

how can you screw this !!!!

its a sad day when one of the leading japanese developers keiji inafune ( resident evil , mega man , okami ) had this to say about his own game DEAD RISING 2 developed by candian blue castle

I look around T.G.S., and everyone’s making awful games. Japan is at least five years behind.

It’s like we’re still making games for the last generation of game consoles.
Capcom is barely keeping up. The ideas, game play, design – there’s no diversity, no originality.

there are few exceptions like level 5 and grasshopper studios but the rest of studios are years behind the western industry .




4 responses

12 10 2010

Lol !!

12 10 2010

glad you liked it 😛

13 10 2010

ok I have nothin to say 'bout videoz gamez.. BUT, speakING of Resident Evil, watched it ems! wallah still enjoyable XD~

13 10 2010

u watched the movie !! the 4th movie and u think its enjoyable !!! haifa ur officially banned 😛

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