Kuwaiti Girls In Twitter !

14 10 2010

During my long and fruitful stay on twitter and after hundreds of follow’s and unfollow’s i classified the kuwaiti girls on twitter to these following catagorys :

The Helpless Romantic : this girl have a keen eye on poetry whenever someone posts anything close to it she retweets like its saving a starving child in sudan , shes mostly listening to song lyrics just to add to her tweet account and to bring out the sophistacation in her.

she will find this poetic and RT it !!!! i swear !!

The Tom Boy Syndrome : she goes out of her way to prove that she can do what men do and even better , she always tweets that she’s at the garage or watching a football game or wrestling a lion .

i dont have to worry about estrogen anymore, just like a man !!!

The Mildly Attractive Girl : shes a normal looking girl with lots of love to share and not many suitors , she always starts her tweet with a nice good morning and end it with a heart warming good evening , and when shes gone and no one even notices she cutely right ” did anyone miss me ? / im back “

Not Pictured : rejection and years of emotional neglect

The Pretty Girl : my favourite kind !! they have more pictures taken for them than the mona lisa with her skirt raised , the camera loves them and they love it too , mostly showing some skin or puckering up for a kiss , just to tempt guys into their bwildering charm and cover up their inscurities , they think they are loved by everyone but in fact everyone hates them .

sort of like them !!!!

The Nagging One : shes always complaining its too hot , its too humid ( you live in kuwait goddamit not the north pole ) , always complaining about her quizzes or university or even her boyfriend she wont stop nagging until she sleeps , then she wakes up and complain about her dreams .

like her being your best friend !



3 responses

14 10 2010
Mubarak Al-Mutawa

looool n1,

TOM BOY qawya hhhhhhh

14 10 2010

loooolz! I'll be classifyING ma friendz for da rest of the day XD~

17 10 2010

muttaw : yea its actual facts btw .

outsider : you should have done that 23 years ago

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