Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode : 1 Review

16 10 2010

Yes !!! finally the lovely blue mascot is back into his original 2D form is good or team sonic should go a very long vacation in a galaxy far far away ?

The Good :

– if you grew up in the 90’s like most awesome people you would shed a tear of pride when you hear the old sega logo sung by 4 neutered asians , most of the sounds are worked from the old sonic games the bombs , the bubbles breathing , the jump thingy you cant help but smile while playing this game .

– the amazing backgrounds are sometimes distracting from the game , its just soo darn beautiful and its amazingly fluid and well designed , along with the good ole level designs its a pure joy .

-there is no story !!! i know its supposed to be a bad thing , but if you played any of the last sonic games you will know what im talking about , no princess no gimmicky modes , its all running all the time ( mostly see the bad ) .

The Bad :

– ok sonic is supposed to be fast , amirit ? yet this game is making sonic moves like a turtle rushing to the toilet, get stopped by an enemy and you have to roll ball to gain some momentum, and even when your in full speed you dont get the sense you had in the dreamcast sonic ( i guess old age got to sonic )

– sometimes during the game you have to halt and i mean complete and utter halt to solve a vine climbing puzzle or a card jumping stage , they transform sonic into a mario with blue balls

Bottomline :

its tries so hard to please the fans and bring the glory days of old sonic , but it fails on so many levels , im not saying its bad i had a blast playing it and remembering my childhood , but its not the old one ,its a lovechild between marliyn manson and the old sonic the hedgehog you look at it but you dont know what it is .

its like looking at this , its fun but its full of shit !

it would be better with the old dreamcast sonic speed and the lovable simplicity of the old sonic the hedgehog, it mimics both but fail to capture either beauty.





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