RED Movie Review

18 10 2010

Bruce willis is back in his action movies saddle , is he good or he’s too old to play the superhero action man he used to play in the 80’s ?

The Plot :

ironically he plays a down on his luck retired man with nothing in his life , no wife no kids no hope , he falls in love with the girl and people start chasing him , shots fired and an explosion (spoiler free intro šŸ˜› )

The Good :

– you have bruce willis , morgan freeman , john malkovich and hellen mirren all sharing one liners and jokes , its a real joy to watch these fine actors cracking jokes about bruce willis hair , or john malkovich being too old to do anything , making fun of old people wasnt enough till this movie came along .

– the director was loving his job , the way he plays out the action and sequences is fresh and original , i havent seen this approach to directing done so well since the days of ” mr. and mrs, smith ” , its fun over the top , highly enjoyable and really bad ass . ( read the bad )

The Bad :

– the movie starts out strong with funny jokes , strong action then when the plot thickens it drops the comedy action and goes into a light drama mode with a dash of romance , its like watching two separate movies , and the over the top action in the starts of the movie vanish’s in middle of it . it started as a action movie turned into a romance then morphed into a heist movie , it lack consistency .

– having an ensemble cast is always an issue you have to sideline some actors , in this case john malkovich and morgan freeman felt like cameos instead of supporting roles , and in morgan freemans case it was really just a filler to extend the movies time , he served a little purpose in the main plot , but it was a joy watching him .

– the end is soooooooo anti-climactic i was stunned by how lame it was , it felt like the writers wrote themselves into a corner ( although the plot is very linear ) and u can almost here the director say : wrap it up we are running out of reels .


i loved this movie it reminded me of romancing of the stone , it was fun with high paced action , but it lost its charm and became a boring heist movie , doesnt mean it wasnt funny , it just could’ve been better if they kept it close to its original idea .


ps : watch the credits that scene is pretty hilarious




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