Star Wars 3rd Trilogy .. Wait What ??

24 10 2010

Yet again George Lucas is trying to milk his Star Wars franchise to the fullest but this time its in a good way , ok this gonna get complicated so bring a coffee mug or a herbal tea and clear your mind and sit on your comfy chair.

Now think Of Unicorns and rainbows

In the 90’s the great George Lucas started fiddling with the original trilogy , into an improved and enhanced version filled with CGI , and after that the second trilogy ( the prequel ) started with the releasing with the phantom menace and the second trilogy started .

now in the 2000’s George is doing it again but this time its not like the second abomnation trilogy , this trilogy is a brand new series with brand new characters ,as the second trilogy is being “remade” for the 3D era so its natural that a new series to start and its a good thing cause most people know darth vader or lord sidious but never heard of the other Sith Lords like : Exar Kun , Darth Revan and Sirak , and the events before the ” A New Hope” are mostly vague to casual Star Wars fans .

the series should be released on 2015 , 2016 after the release of the 3D remakes .




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