The Walking Dead Impressions (spoiler free )

25 10 2010

the first episode of the biggest TV show this season have aired , is it a winning series , or a walking corpse of the 70’s extinct genre ?

at first glance its a typical zombie movie  made famous by the legendary and then not so legendary George A Romero only this time its a series , being an avid fan of zombie flicks since the dawn of illegal downloading i was blown away by the series pilot – as expected all pilots are great until damon lindelof starts writing about it – it wasnt a typical zombie series , it developed something was non existing  in the zombie genre since its beginning it developed emotions on a high level of drama , for the first time you care about what happens to the characters unlike Romero’s work which contained mostly political and social commentary and no character development worth mentioning .

from the first scenes it pay homage to George A. Romero’s recent works like ” Land Of The Dead ” ,Zack Snyder’s ” Dawn Of The Dead “. and Danny Boyle ” 48 Days Later ” which is respectful cause those movies changed the genre and revolutionized it .

the environments felt isolated when it needed to be , then safe and warm in other parts this perfect transition is really shifting this series into high gear and making it a short movie instead of an episode .

there are some directorial hiccups in some action oriented scenes and it seemed very odd to come from a highly acclaimed director like Frank Darabont ( his movie ” Shawshank Redemption ” is rated the best movie on IMDB best 250 films of all time ), it doesnt ruin anything but it reminded me of how i was pissed of when i saw what Paul W.S Anderson’s did to the  Resident Evil , and how moronically spanned out into 4 movies of absurdity atleast we saw Milla Jovovich naked before she got old and wrinkly .

Paul W.S Anderson hard at work ruining your gaming memories (not pictured : Uwe Boll )

if you are a fan of zombies or AMC its really worth the watch it reminded me of the LOST pilot ( hence the damon lindlof reference early on ) it kept you satisfied and wanting more , i hope the rest of the season follows the pilot in suspense and drama .





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