The Dark Knight Rises

27 10 2010

Christopher Nolan finally talked about it and now we know the name of the new Batman movie and more juicy info.

in a interview with Hero Complex Nolan revealed that the Batman 3 title will be The Dark Knight Rises, and in a move that may surprise some fans, he said that the film’s villain won’t be The Riddler.

its a shame cause the riddler is a perfect cast for a villain after the brilliant performance of the joker played by the late Heath Ledger , but it seems that nolan is looking for a female villain, is it Harley Quinn !?

She’s Only Creepy When She Talks

so far its the best bet and the best one to follow after The Jokers menacing rampage in The Dark Knight , Harley’s character is very similar of The Jokers but i hope its not more of the same .




2 responses

28 10 2010

oooh! I would love for it to be Harley Quinn! bs if it her, I doubt she'll be da only one..

have you watched “Birdz of Prey” btw? (the tv seriez)..

28 10 2010

yes i did it was good , but harley alone in enough , with maybe killer croc or baine and the movie will have a balanced way to present the wacky and the brute chemistry

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