5 Things You Hate About Kuwaiti People

5 11 2010

Living in Kuwait all my life i came to the conclusion that it simply rocks but sometimes if you love something so much you have to criticize it, here’s a list of all the niggles and annoying things that made me question my love for this beautiful country .

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5- We Live Lavishly

even if we cant afford it , its a must that we have to buy the latest and the most expensive in car , watches , mobile phones and we do all that with amazing and simply addictive method of loans , a blog recommendation : if your are a loan shark you must come to kuwait , the whole nation will be filled with broken knees and missing people , atleast it will help our seriously frustrating traffic, if it didnt hit you yet , its a nation filled with P.Diddy .

I Thought I Told We Won’t Stop

4 – Talking About The Glory Days

Kuwait in the 70’s used to be the epicenter of the whole gulf Region filled with development and futuristic business plans even the jetsons wanted to move to Kuwait cause its that darn good .

Then came the Iraqi invasion in the early 90’s and put the brakes on Kuwait’s development plans , then all these advancements migrated to Dubai , after this bed time story let me talk about the current status , everywhere you go people are complaining about Kuwait current status even if its good we still compare to the old days, even though we have the highest salaries and the best options in health care in the whole region  BUT PEOPLE CAN’T SHUT UP ABOUT IT .

here take a cookie and chill !

3- Kuwait Cinema

We are blessed with KNCC to have control over all Kuwait’s Cinema’s and grace us with their stupidly implemented censorship, they refuse to do like the rest of civilized world and have an age restrictio to M and T rated movies , so they will cut out blood , suggestive themes and ruin the whole experience for adults .

why is it so high on our list ! cause most of people enjoy movies and its the most visited place during weekends and a lot of major movies are banned  which makes my job hard as a movie reviewer .

Pictured Above : KNCC executives

2 – Bad Drivers

Kuwait holds the highest number in car crashes in the region and its amazing tale to tell your kids of how you survived driving back home and lived to tell it to them , its like the whole country is Sunday drivers , indicators are bigfoot to us we see them but never know what to make of them when we get our hands on it , we even pose for speeding cameras like its a frecking roller coaster picture .

First One Who Crashes Gets A Trophy

1- Kuwaiti Parliament




6 responses

5 11 2010

Am I allowed to laugh?! This is hilarious & very sad at the same time :\

5 11 2010

im glad to see that this post reached someone , it was meant to be a constructive satire , and its not a ridicule of the current status .

so yes you can laugh ;]

7 11 2010

Truer words were never said, i couldnt agree more

8 11 2010

thanks , and lets hope we can change it for the better

27 11 2010

Very tongue in cheek but oh so true. On the bright side, loved the pic of the KNCC exec. Hahahhaha! We need more fences with nails!

29 11 2010

looool they piss me off the most , they are soo vain but in reality they are clueless as a chicked with its head chopped off

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