Smartphones Users EXPOSED !!!!

9 11 2010

yea sorry for the TMZ heandline just wanted to catpure your attention , now thats over lets rock this joint .
every single one of you own or previously owned a smartphone now its the time to label you and make fun of you ( me included ) so buckle up and dont take it personally its just what the world see when they look at you holding your phone :


we have to start with the majority right ? arent you the sly and cool with your apps and sleek touch screen , well your not , the iphone is simply a overblown hype , its a good phone and it started the whole touch phones revolution but is it worth coghing up all that dough !

whats amaznigly stupid is that it became an annual thing, every year we have a new iphone HARDER, BETTER, FASTER, STRONGER and every year people line up and buy the iphone like lemmings . its a good phone ruined by company policy to milk out the consumer .

yea thats you

if you own an IPhone you are : 1- A Snob  2 – A Spoiled Brat  3 – Going with Trend

Blackberry :

Ahh yes the business men and women around the world , or thats what we tell ourselves in reality its populated by young adults and preteens which is a hospitable enviorment perfect for pedophiles , with the minorty of its users being business men and business men wannabes , they defend their phones even if its underdog and with the stupidist software ever , they still buy out of brand loyality so instead of cows now they are simply sheep .

if you are a blackberry owner you are : 1 – A Kid  2 – You Want To Look Good  3 – Trying To Hook up

Andriod ( HTC / Samsung / Nexus ) :

they are the latest fanbase to greet the smartphones scene and the loudest yet to come , there’s no denying that the andriod is amazing but you dont have to teach us every bit of it , they are the geekiest and nerdiest lot you can hang out with , they never cease to bore you with their nitpicking of other phones and comparison with compitiors , they are like the kid at school who bully’s everyone around them and they keep on growing in numbers .

Even Arnie Approves It

if you own an andriod :  1 – You Are A Geek   2 – You Are Hated By Your Friends




4 responses

9 11 2010

((they still buy out of brand loyality so instead of cows now they are simply sheep .))



18 11 2010

dont knock on blackberry users ,,, pweaase 😛

23 11 2010
Sarah AlJeohanny

haahhahahhahahhahh 😀 it's so funny how this reality is, we simply buy stuff we don't need for money we don't have!!
HTC holder or geek I think XD

29 11 2010

yea its what good marketing all about , thats why we have the smartphones fights on which is better , its all cuz of the brand loyalty created by marketing ;p

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