Picture Of The Day #25

28 11 2010




5 responses

28 11 2010
Sarah AlJeohanny

it's amazing ,,,, can't stop laughing, where u get this,, morgan freeman with candy Ooooh, I donnno but the first thing thats hit me when i see Mr. freeman is the leader of some gang or something and in several movies he was like evil so when i saw 'im now with this candy it looks like the wrong photo 😀

29 11 2010

loooool yea the contrast of it is pretty hilarious , but whats more funny its actual and not photo shopped ;p

30 11 2010
Sarah AlJeohanny

actually I think who shot this was very professional it's clearly deems from the shadows and the blur background, so .. it's amazing as a photo and the irony that it's have such scene of humer 😛

30 11 2010
Sarah AlJeohanny

Actually I think it's amazing from the professional side also, it's clear deems form the the shadows and blur back ground, it gives me the feeling that who took this shot had the both of hummer, quick and profissionlty scene while he took this shot 😎

6 12 2010

ur right , they are the paparazzis , and they are good to at their jobs 😛

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