Top 20 Greatest Sci-Fi Movies Of All Time

3 12 2010

We are back again with our greatest top movies list , and this time we are back with a vengeance , we are here to bring to a list of 20 top sci-fi movies , and i was shocked when i was researching at the amount of amazing movies in this genre , but i can only put one movie per franchise so dont give me hell for not including your favorite movie

here goes our list to infinity and beyond :

 20- Equlibruim (2002)

in a apocalyptic world where art is considered a crime a police detective in charge of destroying art gets caught in a world of trouble for breaking the rule he always defended , this movie captures the spirit of a sci-fi movie but charge it with slight dash of emotion and whole lot of mind blowing action .

19- Moon (2009)

This is the second time we feature this movie , cause its so damn amazing you can check it out in our Amazing Movies You Never Heard Off !!  a story of a man stranded on the moon for 3 years living alone , losing him and making you lose yours . 
18- Twelve Monkeys  (1995)

The ultimate collaboration between two huge stars in the 90’s ( Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt )  , this movie is about a time traveler who’s trying to find the time period that started the end of the world and stop it , its a thrill ride filled with paradoxical situations.

17- Total Recall (1990)

Where do i begin with this one , its so complicated i dont think it can be described , there are mutants , amnesia , CIA , ancient pyramids , a young sharon stone working , its on mars and its starred by Arnold Schwarzenegger , enough said !!

and produced this amazing picture
16- Donnie Darko (2001)

 The story of a young boy coming of a age with a sinister twist of creature beyond this realm , till this day this movie freaks me out but its so amazingly put its hard to ignore this masterpiece of chaos and the amazing performace pulled by Maggie and Jake Gyllenhaal .

15- Back To The Future (1985)

If you are a child of the 80’s you have a smile on your face right now , we wanted to be marty mcfly and wanted to hurt biff , if your a 90’s child i think you should see this movie or you will have a damaged brain / nostalgia and gushing 

Time Traveling cant be more fun than this with this amazing light humor and paranoid doc and how changing the past effect the future , and we got to say this 2.12 JIGGAWATS .

14- The Thing (1982)

John Carpenters finest work before he got lame and made (Ghosts of mars ), when your stuck in a harsh winter environment and  an outbreak hits the camp , who do u trust ? who’s your real friend ? and who’s be transformed into an evil alien creature , the suspense of it is so thrilling and the isolation plays its cords correctly .

13- V For Vendetta  (2006)

A Futuristic london ruled by an iron fisted goverment that bans arts and any form of self expression , similar to Equilibrium but this one is more drama infused and more memorable for its amazingly well written lines.

12- Children of men  (2006)

Imagine that the human race will end on your generation , pregnancies ceased to occur , and all the humans have faith in one kid , the youngest kid alive at the age of 18 , the movie features the journey of people through this corrupted world .

11- A Clockwork Orange  (1971)

The third movie for a futuristic London in our list , its Stanley Kubrick with this sick story of a young criminal running wild in London , killing and raping till he got arrested and faced with a government experiments in jail.

10- 2001 A Space Odyssey (1968)

Another Stanley Kubrick masterpiece this time located in deep space with amazing scenery with the first 20 minutes of the movie simply jaw dropping , and the amazing pacing that shows the evolution of man and the next step for humankind .

9- District 9 (2009)

An alien ship crash landed on africa near the old slums, what makes this movie standout is how it treated racism and hate in a subtle way and made it accessible to everyone to feel the pain and desperation of the alien who are stuck here and not visiting by choice .

8- Alien (1979)

A cargo ship traveling through space got a distress call from an uncharted planet , their company insisted they investigate and when they got back to the ship they brought something with them , Ridley Scott really took the claustrophobia and isolation to another level in this movie, and created a staple in the genre . 

7-  WALL – E (2008)

Life on earth is destroyed and all humans left earth for a better pasture , the only one left is a compacting robot named WALL-E , this movie is so easy to watch and love , and its amazingly put with a nice sense or isolation , amazing robot facial expressions and a good moral at the end , all happening in a colorful and humorous way for the whole family .

6-  Eternal Sunshine Of Spotless Mind (2004 ) 

Jim Carrey stars in his biggest non comedic role , and pulls it off so perfectly , the story about a broken man trying to forget his previous love and erase her from memories just so that he can resume his normal life , but can you erase your love ?

5- Akira (1988)

 This original masterpiece was released 1988 with technology that reached the mid 90’s in animation , its astonishing how well made it is , its development is a sci-fi movie of itself , the story is dark and sinister and filled with gore. with a menacing project threatening neo-tokyo with crime and corruption running wild .

4- Terminator 2 : Judgment Day (1991)

The sequel that changed the franchise and pushed into new limits , this story of a time traveling machine sent back to protect a kid that will grow up and lead the human forces into a fight against the rising machines , arnold fits this part amazingly with his expressionless face and funny humor , i didnt know that the machine made their terminators in Austria .

3- Star Wars V : The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

It improved the formula of the first Star Wars and made Darth Vader the lead villian and the banter between the princess and Han Solo gets more heart warming with every line , this is the pinnacle of the Star Wars universe , and nothing come close to it. ( except A New Hope )

2- The Matrix (1999)

Imagine A World within a world and you  are merely a puppet controlled in every aspect in your life , from birth till death , this movie combined all the requirements of a sci-fi movie and perfected them , every second of this movie is vital to the plot and each scene is surprisingly perfect .

1- Blade Runner (1982) / Inception (2010)

This Is Odd but i really couldn’t choose between them , i had to watch them both back to back and they are in the same level of perfection , the story of a Blade Runner ( sort of a detective ) who captures human replicas , or a story of a dream thief trying to juggle realities and dreams to reach for his children .

if you havent seen either of them i recommend you to watch both , and if you seen one im sure you will like the other , cause they reach for the sci-fi genre limits and expands universes from it .




2 responses

3 12 2010

nicely chosen but i would've picked the matrix as #1 =P

3 12 2010

The Matrix is a solid movie but inception and blade runner just a tad better than it , they are all amazing movies but those two are the best of the best .

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