5 Things We Always Nag About But Can’t Change

13 12 2010

Its time to complete my trilogy of ” 5 Things ” series its started with 5 Things You Hate About Kuwaiti People  and continued to 5 Types Of Kuwaiti Bloggers this time though im going international and hopefully this trilogy ends better than Back to The Future 3 , We as human beings stretched all over this vast earth share this common , old , everlasting expression of ” BITCHING”  as proven here in this blog numerous times , so here’s a list of things we nag about it but cant change but we still bitch on nontheless :

The Weather

Everyday we roll out of bed dragging our feet from our comfy beds, out of our AC and heated little pieces of heaven into the Cold/Hot Slap from mother nature usually ruining our mood, making us grumpy and thats why we created the internet and LOLCATS .

By-Production Of bad weather conditons

So what do we do about this bad weather , we just get angry and curse it and vent it out on our helpless husband/wife, never knowing that we are part of it, and mother nature is venting out her PMSing anger on us .

this blog does not endorse global warming, we just think it will be one hell of a finale

The Government

We all live under the bless of a democratic goverment ( except Glenn Beck who still thinks he’s in the middle ages and science is witchcraft ) but we all come across a bad choice or two from the goverment and all hell breaks loose , we turn into consipracy theorist and start bitching about our elected officials and curse the day we chose them and call them sell outs bent on ruining our lives.

Brain for Presedent

Bottomline we chose them , we have to shut up and put up and stop bitching its not their fault that they are good speakers its our fault for being stupid and ignorant .

Pictured Above : You

The Prices

Most of us deplete all of our salaries before the end of month and we struggle out for the rest of the days with frozen pizza’s and dog food , then we realise that everything exepensive and our light bulb shines stating that we realized the secret of life , we must fight the prices spike !!

Good Luck !!!

but we fail to see that most essential commodities like sugar, milk, eggs, bread  and mountain dew are usually cheap, and our way of living lavishly is the downfall and proof that the ” idiot human syndrome ” does exist .

The Children These Days
Like most people around the world, we grow up and become more mature day by day, and each day passes kills a bit of what we came to, so we do the most effective thing to fight it, which is bitching till our eyes bleed, it can be movies, books, games, social interaction its all changing and we dont like it .

Children these days just like poodles you cant tell if they are males or females 

so what we do is slap the hell out of our kids and make them live like we lived, best case scenario : they will turn out normal with some bruises, worst case scenario : they will show up on a Girls Gone Wild video .
How It Was In Our Time !
Ahhh remember the good old days when fountains were filled with RC Cola, birds sang with Aretha Franklin’s voice and everyone looked like Clark Gable? if you are scratching your head then thats the correct answer , cause there wasnt the good old days, its always bad we just make belief that its good to bitch on kids these days .

Back In The days thats how men looked like !

moral of the story is stop your bitching and live your life and work on shaping it to the best that you can , instead of swirling the drain of the old days and what you used to know, so suck it up and stop bitching (PARADOX FOUND* THIS SITE IS ABOUT TO EXPLODE)

*if you can name that paradox you win the write to post in this blog as long as its not nude, racist content, or insulting to a person .



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