Top Gear Season 15 Is Different !

22 12 2010

Season 15 of the amazing British auto show started to air its 7th episode this week, sadly something is oddly missing, at first when you see the stage you might notice the missing ” Stig ” banners thats famously loomed in the background, its no longer there and with James May throwing some remarks on the ” Stig “, and whole segment that shows the presenters shooting at a fake cardboard ” Stig “, you feel something is off .

and sadly due to lawsuits between the BBC and the white “Stig ” ( AKA Ben Collins ) the white stig have been written off the show and no longer part of the Top Gear Show and as of September 2010 the white stig cannot be featured in the show, if you are interested in the details of the lawsuit that the BBC lost you can read it here.

a new Stig will be presented with a new gimmick, but the old one was fun and entertaining even if he was a silent character but he had his iconic stature very suitable to the show, better than the Black Stig before him, that the BBC killed off and presented the White Stig instead.

now rumors are circling that the new sting will sport a white suit with black highlights, and im sure Clarkson had his hands on this suit and designed it as a joke or a taunt to previous Stigs.




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