Tron : Legacy Review ( spoiler free )

24 12 2010

The Long awaited sequal To the original Tron (1982) Movie is finally here with the amazing Jeff Bridges reprising his role as Kevin Flynn the famous video game designer that got to live inside the program that he created and fight the injustice in that program.

does the sequel live up to the hype or does it destroy its own legacy ?

The story in Tron : Legacy focuses on the life of Kevin Flynn’s son Sam and his quest to find his father and get back his dads old company back to its old form im trying to keep it as simple as possible without spoiling any of the major events with that said lets start with the good .


– Its the old Tron  times 3 its bigger, better, faster, and stronger, they took the simple idea of the previous one and did a botox injection with a facelift and it worked brilliantly .

– Daft punk did the soundtrack for this movie and they did an amazing job, the fight scenes makes you feel you are in a Daft Punk Concert and thats always a good thing .

– Jeff Bridges still stuns me with his performances he proved it in Iron Man and he did it again here, he can pull off a blockbuster action movie and keeps its alive on his own .

– The Visuals are something out of this world they are simply stunning, and most people will give this movie a 10 just because of that light show .

– They kept it close to the Tron roots which might not work in a 2010 movie release but it did , the ship, the tanks and the way the programs die its all from the 1982 original but so much better.


– The characters are pretty weak, none are good except for some characters like “Zues” and Jeff Bridges ” Kevin ” beside that all of the character fall flat without proper emotions or on-screen charm.

– The 3D gimmick have plagued the movie industry and Tron : Legacy is not exempt, it tries not push the 3D with stupid fight scenes or explosions and keep it natural with that they didn’t utilize 3D to the fullest and they should have stuck to IMAX, although near the end of the movie it gets better but too little to late .

– They tried to keep it as a mental war between two major characters but their build up falls after a couple of scenes for the sake of action .

– Some action sequences are very rushed and pushed to serve a climax or to keep you on edge and with that it loses its natural flow.


If i didnt know better i’d say that Tron : Legacy is a Micheal Bay movie its too flashy with alot of bright lights with a thin plot, but thankfully it have thicker plot than Bay’s work and it almost matches the fancy CGI, sadly the casting wasn’t done properly for Sam Flynn’s Character ( reminds me a lot of the Anakin Skywalker casting in Star Wars ) but Jeff Bridges and the amazing easter eggs in this movie really save it and plants a smile on the original Tron fans.

Its really enjoyable movie to watch, if you are an old Tron fan your home just got bigger and now its a mansion, and if you are new to the series welcome to the Playboy mansion of eye candy visual and Olivia Wilde.

SCORE : 7.5/10




2 responses

24 12 2010

I was in Dubai I wanted to see it on 3D.. but my asked me to see another movie called FASTER!!

Guess what? which that ROCK actor I thought the movie will suck.. but it was good.

Will keep Tron for next weekend 🙂
Thanks for the review.

24 12 2010

Faster is supposed to be the rock's return to action movies so expect to see more of him in the next years cause he want to be the go-to action star like arnold or sly before him.

before you see this watch the original u will get a blast out of it and will enjoy the movie to fullest ;p

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