What Happened To This Blog ?

4 01 2011

Hello there peeps, sorry again for the lack of posts for the last week but as usual with my luck i fell in into a coma with an acute respiratory failure and and taken to ICU for a day, but now im back hopefully better than before with half working lungs to keep those posts u always loved , now that im back home recuperating i’ll be more active so stay tuned ;p




2 responses

4 01 2011

Welcome back brotha!

Hope all is well, I know you've had a ride on a train wreck of a nightmare. But it's all over.

Looking forward for your posts.

4 01 2011

thanks man, yea im almost back to normal but its life and filled with beautiful messages even if its life threatening.

i have tons of drafts saved so expect double posting each day 😛

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