True Grit Review

5 01 2011

After the murder of her father a 14 year old girl is trying to pull back her life together and find her fathers killed, in a world filled with bounty hunters and greedy bankers, this movie is remade from an old John Wayne movie but this time its helmed by the Coen Brothers and executive producer Steven Spielberg , staring Jeff Bridges , Matt Damon , Josh Brolin and the amazingly casted Hailee Stienfeld .

The Good : 

– The Characters are always essential in a Coen brothers movie and this one doesnt miss the spot, the characters are intriguing and never shy to show you their own weaknesses and this time Jeff Bridges really made the role of Rooster Cogburn easily recognizable even though its a difficult character .

– All western movies share the amazing trait of having an amazing soundtrack and this one is not exempt , its very fitting to the story and very close to the environment and the cinematography .

– They’ve done an amazing job capturing the true loneliness and grittiness of the old wests and how a 14 year old educated girl would fit in in the lone and cold world of the wild west .

The Bad :

– Josh Brolin is a staple actor in the Coen Brothers movies but i hated how they delegated his role into a supporting character with few spoken lines its a far drop from No Country For Old Men.

– Sometimes during the shooting scenes the actors become immune to bullets in one scene they are shot the other they are climbing a mountain , this inconsistency distracts from the pain of the character and doesnt have a present danger to the character cause they will merely survive .

Overall : 

Its a Beautiful story done with alot of care but it falls short sometimes , its not the best of Coen Brothers but not the worse either , Matt Damon , Jeff Bridges and Hailee Steinfeld really pulled of an amazing job of brining this movie to life , and the cinematography is brilliant to say the least .

8.5/ 10 




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