Tron Themed Xbox360 Controller Review

7 01 2011

With every major blockbuster movie there comes merchandise , and with the new Tron : Legacy movie its load and load of merchandise either its apparel, action figures or collectibles .

since im a huge fan of the the old Tron i wanted to put my greasy hands on any collectible i can get, so the first thing i got is the the Tron themed Xbox360 Controller is it worth it or like the sequel its more flash than substance ? 

The Good : 

– first thing i noticed when i took it out of the box its how different it is from the original Xbox360 Controller, its less bulky and more firm to grip and the leather sides are actually a welcomed addition . 
– the main reason its the aesthetics look of the Tron movie theme , its so darn sexy and its translated very well into the this controller even the letters are written in Tron-ish style .
The Bad : 
– its very plasticly for an official collectible it feels cheap and some of the edges are poorly done very poorly done.
– the buttons sometimes feel like the old NES controller for some odd reason , and doesnt give you the satisfaction of button mashing and the triggers react strangely when you push them .
– the vibration in this controller is a joke , it feels like a gerbil is running inside it without any feedback from the actual game .
– ITS WIRED !!!! 

Overall :
its fun to look at for the first 5 mins then all the joy and fun wears out quickly and all you are left with is a plasticly glow in the dark toy  , it doesnt even mimic the satisfaction you get from the original controller its just doesnt feel the need to try to be good they just know you will buy it for the look .



3 responses

7 01 2011

Woooow maaan, it look amazing wallah, I liked the blue light lines..

7 01 2011

it LOOKS amazing , plays like a chinesee knock off ;/

8 01 2011

OH!! 2.5 why man I would give it 7\10 just for the design 😛

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