UPDATED : The Story Of Ted Williams

7 01 2011

Its amazing to see the kindness and good will of people change to something positive , it usually change for the worse and the collective ignorance and rudeness of people, but this time everything happened perfectly.

two days ago a video sky rocketed on youtube of a homeless guy standing a corner collecting dollars from passers-by , but his talent was something amazing, he had an amazing voice fit for narration of documentaries, but due to his drug abuse and alcohol he wasted his life and talent and reduced into a homeless nameless man on the corner .

and after 13 million viewers the media came into the pictures and his life is changed forever, his talent got acknowledged by the media, and his destiny began to change .

its amazing what attention to a cause might do , only if we gave it our time , like the case of Ted Williams here, its just beautiful to see the kindness of total strangers with their prayers and support helping him get up on his feet and start over , what a beautiful start to 2011 within its first weeks a Cinderella story happen .

The first ad with his voice in it ! the comeback story of the year




2 responses

8 01 2011

Wo0w I So The Vid Before.. And His Voice Is Really Amazing ( mashallah )..
And I hoped Someone Will Notice him.. and Thank God Someone Did.. Good luck For Him.. Hope He Keep on The Right Track this time and appreciate His second Chance..

thanks for posting

9 01 2011

can't believe you called him delusional! lolz! she's so mean (3abona he's homeLESS)!

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