Razer Switchblade Prototype

8 01 2011
Technology never cease to stop evolving and this concept seems like the natural step, the recently announced Razer Switchblade Prototype is hyped up to be the next big leap in PC gaming since Steam with an innovative concept and a natural appeal for all PC gamers .
the Atom powered gaming device is a unique concept of its own , with a 7″ touch screen and LCD changeable buttons , so lets assume your playing World Of Warcraft the buttons layout will change accordingly and instead of letters the actual spell icon will appear on the hot-keys , and if you change the game it will boot up a different lay-out and its fully customizable .  
if you can watch the serious Asian guy with his deep dramatic voice without laughing you will get a cookie !

so far no release date or price tag cause its still into the development phase, so this prototype might not see the light of day or be properly implemented ( E.G OnLive ).




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