[Kuwait Music] Never Miss A Beat

12 01 2011

One on the newest concepts to hit the blog scene is Kuwait Music, the idea behind it is simple, build a platform for rising Kuwaiti based musicians and in general push the music scene here in Kuwait and connect the musicians and fans communities, like most amazing Kuwaiti blogs this one is very underrated thats why i want to share this with you .

Being a music lover myself i find it shameful to see that events are so scarce , and get pissed whenever i miss out on one and i found it amazingly convenient to just pop in to their website and check out their events section, theres a lot of love and care that went into creating this blog, from the variety of music styles to the detailed description of events .

the brain child of Caesar and Narine two bright artist, this blog was created by musicians and for musicians, you can follow them on Twitter here and on Facebook here for all the latest news and upcoming musical events, or visit there main website http://kuwait-music.com/




2 responses

13 01 2011

😀 thank you very much. I'm very touched with the 'theres a lot of love and care that went into creating this blog' sentence in particular that you used in your post 🙂

13 01 2011

ur more than welcome, and it really shows from your overwhelming dedication to your blog.

i admire it and hope for the best on your work 😀

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