17 Great Movies That Will Make You Doubt Your Sanity

13 01 2011

Movies are an imitation of life, and like life it makes you doubt yourself like a kid who wants to pee on a winter day. A lot of movie dabbled with this concept which is hard to master and present in a way that utterly confuses and makes the viewers say ” OH FUCK ” what did i just watch, heres a long list that shows you the best of this amazing genre :

17 – Being John Malkovich (1999)

Yea Totally Normal Looking Poster 

The Premise is simple a puppeteer find a portal that leads to john malkovich’s head and he sees what he sees and experience whatever is happening to him within a 15 minutes window and that portal is located in a an office building in a certain floor between two other floors and you have to crouch to walk in and out. 

i swear im not making this up , this is the plot the concept is so twisted and random its will make you pull your hair out  ! 

Look what the movie did to Cameron Diaz, enough said 

16 – The Butterfly Effect  (2004)

Ok its an Ashton Kutcher movie i know but that doesnt change the fact it will screw with your mind, not with bad acting but instead a clever storyline, it all starts with a young boy with massive blackouts that happen on key moments of his life, everyone thinks he’s lying to get out of trouble, but when he grows up his blackout reduces but whenever he read his old diary he jumps to those blackouts and all his actions change his present.

15 – Moon (2009)

This is the third time i list this movie in my blog first it was in Amazing movies that you never heard off ! and then featured in Top 20 Greatest Sci-Fi Movies Of All Time so i guess its saying something about it .

This one man space masterpiece is a really mind screwer, you will doubt your senses and question reality, the story of a man stationed on the moon for 3 years, at the end of his tour his mind plays trick on him and starts seeing ghosts and other humans, highly recommended to prank someone with a low IQ .

So He’s A Man Alone In Space ? But Who Tells Him What To Do ? 

14 – The Machinist (2004)

An insomniac working in a industrial job suddenly start losing it, and couldn’t separate reality from delusions, with a creepy and twisted story and events. a shady new co-worker starts stalking him and no one believes that co-worker exist so its basically detaching every sense of connection to reality. 

13 – The Jacket (2005)

A Gulf War vet suffering from amnesia returns home and gets wrongly accused of killing a cop and sentenced to an insane asylum, thats when the doctors put him under a an experimental therapy that screws his mind up and makes him lose his mind with flashbacks and flashes from his future and how he will die.

12 – Dark City (1998)

A man who lost his memory finds himself in a strange and dark city ( yea its that simple ) where there’s no sun and there’s odd creatures with telekinetic powers that control all the people in this city and shape it as they see fit while they suck the souls of the humans.

he must fight them and restore his memory and basically survive and not get his soul sucked on a daily basis ( so its like living in New York ) .

11 – Pi (1998)

 This is the Second time we feature this gem on our blog, the story of a math genius that obsesses with the Pi and spends his whole time connecting it with anything that comes across his way, till everything starts to crash and collide when he loses himself into the numbers.

its surely a health warning that says math may effect your mental sanity.. im just saying.

Another Known Side Effect Of Math  

10 – Memento (2000)

Another amnesia movie but this time its only short memory term, a ex insurance investigator is trying to find his wife killer using his camera and his own recognition for his handwriting as tools to figure out who killed his wife and who he can trust. 

So he tattoos himself with clues he find, and tries to patch his life back together slowly, the beauty of this movie is it starts from end of the story then go back and show you how it all happened and its one of the first movies to ever do that .

Memento The Sequel 

9 – Vanilla Sky  (2001)

A wealthy man with his famous publishing company lives life as he see fit without any regards to anyone, until his nearly fatal car crash that left him disfigured and maimed, with the police accusing him of beating his girl friend and his friends turning their backs against him , he must struggle to find out whats going on, or is he really insane . 

8 – Donnie Darko (2001)

A twisted teenager with a lot of troubles fitting in find his himself with an imaginary huge bunny named frank.  and it include hypnosis, hidden portals and vandalism  ( if you haven’t noticed but im struggling to describe it its that complicated ).

7 – Brazil (1985)

This movie is plain odd thats all i can say, its about a bureaucratic in odd future as he tries to rectify a paperwork mistake that lead to an arrest of an innocent man while he struggle with his dreams of being able to fly away and find his love.

Everyone can relate to it cause of our damn stinking jobs so if you wanna runaway play this movie .

Or Stare At This Picture For 15 Minutes .

6 – Requiem For A Dream (2000)

The amazing story of four drug addicts and how they aim for high goals and fail cause of their own weaknesses of drug abuse , this movie is considered one of the most depressing movies and an eye opener to drug abuse, the more they use their drugs the more they slip into a world filled with hallucinations and paranoia.  

5 – Eternal Sunshine Of A Spotless Mind (2004)

What can you do to forget love ? why erase your memories ofcourse , the story of a man that becomes aware while he’s erasing his memories of his former love, and relives everything as it fades away, and how he tries to make it work again. simply ones of Jim Carrey’s strongest performances ever .

Beside this one ofcourse 
3 – The Fountain (2006)

Darren Aronofsky’s 3rd movie on our list with his debute with Pi and then Requiem For A Dream and now this ( then Black Swan, isnt that telling u something about this guy ? ) the story of 3 men ( or one depending on how you view it )  from different times fighting different obsticales to save their loved ones i gushed a lot about it with my interview on Al Watan TV ( this and Fight Club ).

3 – Total Recall (1990)

Easily one of Sci-Fi top 5 contender this mars based story is about a normal guy getting hunted by agents telling him he’s an undercover super agent as he tries to figure out if someone have erased his memory and who’s responsible for it . there are 3 titted women and martian mutants so i guess it covers it from the OH SNAP factor .

and this the most awesome flip out scene ever Arnie Flips out

2 – Fight Club (1999)

The Second movie i gushed about in my interview and my all time favorite movie , a story of an insomniac trying to find a way to cope with his illness, finds his calling in creating a Fight Club with his eccentric friend then slowly things get out of hand as more people are harmed by their action, its will screw your mind up and yet preach you on commercial agenda . 

1 – Inception (2010)

The second movie from Chris Nolan on our list after the amazing Memento he followed it with this masterpiece, alot of people resent it because it did have a conclusion but thats the best part of it , it made you think what the hell just happened , the story of a dream thief as he moves through the fabric of dreams till he loses his grip on reality, and fights his former demons with the goal of reaching his kids .




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