Geeky + Mainstream X 2 = Sexy ?

21 01 2011

Long long time ago in a galaxy far far away, there was a sub-culture that rose from the fame of Dungeon And Dragons, Star Wars and Lord of the Rings and became a fierce and mighty community filled with valiant warriors filled with might and only one weakness, and that weakness shaped them and honed them in debates of trivial information till the late 90’s when being a nerd became mainstream and girls existed in their vast world and then they concurred their weakness and became the dominant homo-erctis.

Geeks Only Weakness

 Back then being a video game or D&D fan meant that you are a “Dweeb” and basically get an atomic wedge more than allowance, but why did it change why did the geeks rise and took power of the mainstream media, is it because of pure intelligence or pure hormonal superiority ?

The Alpha Male

Its all so simple like binary ( it only have two numbers) the reason for this surge in the late 90’s that young kids that grew up on those games/board games/ books and comics developed a need that has to be met and so companies tried to bring out their big guns and go crazy with ads till it became a norm and even the quality of games became an equal or even better than the godly revered Cinema in story line, characters and total immersion, the gaming and geeky community stood up and took its place and  it evolved from a nasty smelling worm into a beautiful butterfly ( Like Lindsay Lohan but in reverse ) leared in the majority that looked at the geeks from behind the zoo’s fence, and joined the creatures they used to throw  M&M’s at them .

And then the movie industry being a creatively bankrupt industry started borrowing from the gaming/comics/cult books industry, Then we saw the huge spike of comic book movie in the early 2000’s and the Lord of The Rings being within that timeline geeks had more orgasms that Pamela Anderson in her heyday, Hollywood smelled the money and chased it like a 5 dollar hooker in Vegas, the geeky community became the elite and stroke down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy there brothers .

Nice Segway

Then came the Call Of Duty with Modern Warefare hate it or love it but that game made gaming cooler and more appealing to a broader audience and Halo did its part before it with those two games addictive Multiplayer modes became the highest grossing games and with a huge cult following that will defend it with their souls .

Being part of geeky community became a ticket to success and alot of people rode on that success, one of the biggest people that did it oh so well is Olivia Munn after being on Attack Of The Shows for a couple of years review gaming and just being a hot chick for horny nerds became a huge success and had small role in Iron Man 2 and wrote a book called Suck It, Wonder Woman!: The Misadventures of a Hollywood Geek or Geoff Keighley who became the go to journalist of gaming, or Jame The Nintendo Nerd who sign a deal with Cinnemascre to review movies and games even though James was a failed actor in the 90’s, now hes a huge internet sensation, its not a claim that they abused it but if you want to be a successful person attach yourself to the geeky community .

Proof of that just happened last year when an indie producer developed a game named ” Minecraft ” it was below average looking game with an addictive curve but it wasnt big, until a certain Youtube Commentator named “Seananners ” did a commentary on the game its skyrocketed and became on the most influential games in 2010 with millions of people logging in daily, all thanks to a single geeky bearded guy.

He Deserved His Own MEME JPEG Like All Internet Greats

The geeky Community became such a stronghold for coolness even governments started putting regulations to stop they awesomeness, from sabotaging their favorite movie ( STAR WARS !!!!!) , blaming them for shootings and suicide deaths and even putting them in Anti-Gaming Camps.

In Korea You Spread Ice On Your Nipples IF You Are A True Gamer ! Its That Serious




2 responses

25 01 2011

“The Alpha Male” Hahahahahahaahahaha…!!
nice work Sa3ad, liked your article 😀

26 01 2011

thanks ;p i know someone might like it ehm someone nerdy enough :p

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