The Fantastic Four Are Now 3

26 01 2011

Its seems that the new Marvel are shaking things up, with their stingy finance to their big budget blockbuster for summer 2012 ( Avengers, Captain America ) now they are killing one of the Original Fantastic Four with the release of Fantastic Four #587 (March 2011), the concluding chapter of Jonathan Hickman’s “Three” storyline .

Issue #588 will follow mid March with the end of the original cast, and will be released again under the name FF as a whole new series without mentioning if the original cast will return or not , if you want to know which member died head on here to find out . honestly i dont know if its a smart move or not, but usually it means they will reboot the whole series but i dont know if they will drop the original memebers  or just modify them  like marvel did lots of times before. but this one seems bitter and that character might not emerge again ( HINT : its one of the first characters designed by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby ).

With the new Fantastic Four movie remake still being casted in Paramount this whole reboot thing might fit with fresh new take on the long running series, i really loved the Fantastic Four ( The Ultimate Version ) and its a shame to see a shake up this big, but im also certain its just  Marvel blowing smoke up our skirt to generate more hype .




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