Best Video Game Commentators

29 01 2011

Gaming Commentators blew up on the scene with the release of COD4 and became a paying job with sponsors and alot of money, and now everyone is jumping on the wagon to cash in on the trend but most of them are absolute crap, now here’s a list of the best gaming commentators that will provide you with an entertaining experience and actually be informative . 

Simon And Lewis (Yogscast)

The crazy duo with  a lot of chemistry, you will be hooked on them after one video cause there’s something odd and likable about them . they usually focus on Mincraft gameplay and WOW but sometimes they venture out into other MMORPG and its still fun as hell .

Seananners (Machinima)

The man with a golden voice ( Not the homeless one ) that was the reason for Minecraft success, his amazing voice, fun one liners and style of gaming seriously set him apart from the rest of COD commentators, becauses he simply have charisma and lots of it .


A COD player that breaks into rap !! its a nice twist to the commentating scene and some might consider it a gimmick but with  Smoove its been done well, he’s an amazing gaming and a fun to listen commentator, the rapping also adds to the experience .


If you are interested in listening to a crazy guy while he’s playing an MMORPG ? 

you came to the right place hes bananas and funny as hell but when he’s back to sanity he’s usually doing first impression on Steam games and tutorials on WOW, so if you stink at WOW pop him a visit 


Another COD commentator but what made xjawz is his “Quest For All Golden Guns” and unique gameplay and commentating, sometimes he becomes a jerk but overall he’s a fun to listen to, and a beast at wager matches, so if you want some tips on COD maps he will sure help .

The Syndicate Project

HE IS CRAZY !!! he plays COD zombies all the time and he’s funny as hell, he’s like on crack all the time Nuff Said.


This one is an odd Commentator, hes average and not so good in games but there’s something about him when he gets frustrated that is so damn funny, his Dead Space 2 series really cracked me up if you want to watch it and dont care about spoilers .