Playlist Of The Week VII

11 01 2011

Cant believe its already week 6 it has been more than a month , its shocking how time flies !

yes its back this time its more oldies than before, this week my mood was consisting mostly of hippie music like Hendrix and CCR dunno why, i tried to make it interesting to most rock fans but i cant please everyone i guess, atleast its less depressing that last weeks 😛

Incubus – Oil And Water

John Mayor – Perfectly Lonely

Jimi Hendrix – All Along The Watchtower

Bob Dylan – Times Are Changing

AlterBridge – Down To My Last

Black Sabbath – Changes

The Beatles – Hey Jude

Johnny Cash – When The Man Comes Around

Nine Inch Nails – Hurt


Picture Of The Day #38 ( Top Gear Edition )

9 01 2011
some will get it some wont , its ok if u didnt 😛

Picture Of The Day #37 (Zombie Edition)

8 01 2011

Playlist Of The Week VI

7 01 2011

This Week’s Playlist is something different,and unlike the previous weeks its not fitting for a new year but hey its also quality music all around,this week its a bit depressing with rock ballads and strong lyrics, sorry guys but that was my mood for this week 😛

Edward Maya feat Vika Jigulina – Desert Rain

Metallica – One (live)

HIM – In Joy And Sorrow

Takida – Never alone always alone

Alter Bridge – Blackbird

Demon Hunter – My Heartstrings Come Undone