5 Types Of Kuwaiti Bloggers

22 11 2010

Like everything in kuwait , once someone starts something everyone have to jump on that wave and create what we call a ” Habba ” well the latest one is the blogs although its very old but its getting stronger by the second , some blogs are amazing but they get lost in the sea of copycats and cheap idea , heres a rundown of the categories of the majority of kuwait’s blogs 

The Food Blogger

our community is a food driven nation there’s no doubt about it , but seriously do you have to rate every restaurant that opens !! its a good service to provide but most people have no taste budds and rate a crappy restaurant as a good one, listening to them is like close your nose and eating dog crap .

The Events Blogger

whenever something happens there you find a post about it in their blog , telling you what rocked and what sucked , and what small detail happen believe me if i wanted to be there i would , i wouldnt let you tell me what happened , but like all blogs on our lists some provide a good service but clouded by the clutter of most blogs.

it was good till they started flinging poo at us

The Political Blogger

ahhhh yes the loud ones , they always talk big and act small mostly hidding their own agenda and speaking out of their asses just to push a candidate or against another parliament official mostly advocating silly rallies and eventually biting the dust .

The Entertainment Blogger

LIKE ME !!! yea there’s tons of us , but mostly those bloggers either copy paste news without any addition or they just copy a whole post without even trying , they lack creativity and just try to gain popularity on other people works .

like jack black

the Accident Reporter Blogger

yes the do exist as stupid as they sound , but most of their blog content contains accidents and this road is blocked and 7 car pile up is on that street or that building is on fire at the moment , stay away from it ..

thanks superman  * SIGH *




5 responses

22 11 2010

lolz! daaaam you Sa3aad 😛

you see, if I had stuck to my first blog only, I wouldn't be on your list 😛 bs sadly I had to start up a 2nd one chasING every event in Kuwait :PpPP

22 11 2010

gotcha !! i'd love to say that u were my inspiration but ur not ! 😛

but u helped 😛

22 11 2010

LOL Bo rashid XD

5 12 2010

the political ones? trust me the only place you could find credible writers are blogs!! they talk without restrictions and each and every one of them shows his ideologies freely… nabeeha 5 started from a blog.. you should spare your time and read the 300 page Phd report on kuwaiti political blogs…http://kuwaitjunior.blogspot.com/2009/08/blog-post.html

5 12 2010

i didnt generalize on all of them , i cant deny that some did help push the politics into a better situation , but most just serve their own hidden agenda against an MP or to destroy his/her image.

i didnt say all of them are bad , just the most

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